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We are your one stop oasis when it comes to Koi. We boast with a wide range of quality products and services which promise to serve your every need. We proudly promote and serve the aquaculture industry with all elements of ponds, water filtration, the supply & import of koi, koi health matters and consultation.

Proudly Serving The Aquaculture Industry With Quality Goods & Services

Here to help you make sense

of this fascinating bewildering hobby that is Koi keeping
Building a new pond? Not sure where to start? Wondering what a Koi pond filter is, much less what it does?

Relax. You've come to the right place..

From here on you can start to appreciate the journey you're about to undertake. Koi keeping is an ongoing sometimes life long hobby that is unique amongst fish keeping experiences. It can delight, frustrate, challenge and reward you in a way few other hobbies can.

From 'just a simple Koi pond' to 'The Ultimate Koi Pond' Alfa Koii will set you on the right path.

As you will see on our website there is a lot of information about keeping Koi. It might be intimidating, but stick with it as best you can. A little knowledge will stand you in excellent stead and will save you from making expensive mistakes.

There are many ways of 'doing Koi ponds'. We've done them all. No two Koi ponds are ever the same, and no two filtration systems are ever the same. So a specialist with knowledge, advice and experience is worth their weight in gold. Use us. It's what we do!

This site will teach you everything that you need to know about koi fish ponds and keeping koi carp.

Alfa Koi is here to help you with as much information as possible on all aspects of fish keeping including:

  • Building a Koi pond, Koi pond design and construction - right in your own garden...
  • Koi pond filters and filtration...
  • How and why mechanical filtration is so important in Koi ponds...
  • Bio filters/bioconverters - their roles in Koi ponds i.e. how and why biological filtration is so important...
  • Why SuperActiFlo moving bed media is one of the best bio media(s) and how it can save you money...
  • Aqua Culture - we know more than a thing or two about it. Farming fish for profit is a highly specialist field - we have considerable experience and know how because we do it ourselves.
  • Aquariums. Between our employees we have much hard learned experience in keeping tropical and marine aquariums.
  • There is tons of useful information and more in our regular newsletters with valuable and FREE information direct from the experts in the field...